Loading film into a Bolex h16 16mm camera at a wedding in the Cotswolds.

I'll capture a beautiful, honest record of your wedding on Super 8 and 16mm film.


I set out to make the kind of wedding film that Caroline and I wanted for ourselves.


A simple record, unobtrusively captured, with a focus on the humans that are there and their emotions on the day.


For us, film transports you back into the moment  in a way that nothing else can. It's more beautiful, more romantic and more permanent than any digital media.


I have the equipment and the experience to shoot film with beautiful results, year-round, inside and outside - occasionally I come across the misconception that it's only possible to shoot film in very bright conditions, but with modern film-stocks this simply isn't the case .


For more info on the films I make please get in touch.


What are Super 8 and 16mm film (and standard 8mm)?


Super 8 and 16mm are real films, like the stuff that you used put in your camera 20 years ago - it needs to be processed in a lab and digitally scanned before you can see it.


Super 8 has a unique, tactile flickeriness and grain; it's incredibly evocative and nostalgic. For many years it's been a staple choice for artists, music video directors and fashion filmmakers.


16mm has all the same filmic loveliness, but a glossier, higher resolution look. We use the very same kinds of filmstock that some great feature films are shot in, like City of God, Black Swan and The Hurt Locker to name but a few.


To confuse matters, we've recently started to use some "standard 8mm" film as well - it's similar to super 8 and the stock we use is a lovely black and white film from Prague - it gives us a really classic uber-analogue look.


photo: Holly Zara Malone

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