Bolex h16 16mm camera

We'll produce a carefully crafted record of your wedding day.


We think the most beautiful moments are those of real, natural emotion, so we won't boss you around and we'll be as unobtrusive as possible.


We shoot on real film, like the stuff that you used put in your camera 20 years ago - you need to send it to a lab to be processed and digitally transferred before you can see it.


Film is not cheap; other wedding filmmakers who work in super 8 shoot as little as two, 3 minute reels. We typically shoot 8-12 rolls of film and our film and processing costs often exceed £800 for each wedding.


For more info on the films we make please get in touch.


We use super 8 and 16mm film.


They are similar, but different.


Super 8 has a unique, tactile flickeriness and grain; it's incredibly evocative and nostalgic. For many years it's been a staple choice for artists, music video directors and fashion filmmakers.


16mm has all the same filmic loveliness, but a glossier, higher resolution look. We use the very same kinds of filmstock that some great feature films are shot in, like City of God, Black Swan and The Hurt Locker to name but a few.


16mm is better in low light and enables us to get beautiful indoor footage, even in very challenging lighting conditions.


If you have a strong preference for one format or the other, we can usually stick to one format for your film.


photo: Holly Zara Malone

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